Eco-Friendly Purchasing

Fact-check these myths:

  • Myth – Green products always cost more money.
  • Truth – In many cases, going green will save money!
  • Myth – Green products are not as high of quality.
  • Truth – Today’s green options are not like past ones.
  • Myth – Individual changes cannot make a difference.
  • Truth – They add up if everyone on campus buys green.

Consider these questions:

  • Is it recyclable?
  • How far will it be shipped?
  • Can it be purchased in bulk?
  • Does it save water or energy?
  • Does it contain recycled content?
  • What maintenance does it require?
  • Is it durable and will it last a long time?
  • Are raw materials extracted to make it?
  • Are there alternatives with less packaging?

Look for these labels:



Green Seal


Made in USA

Cradle to Cradle

Rainforest Alliance

Fair Trade

USDA Organic

Energy Star


Buy Local